Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Computer Function Properly

Laptop is one of the portable computer devices that are easy and practical to carry anywhere. However, it is also sensitive. Thus it needs special attention and care. Since it’s somewhat more expensive than the desktop PC, proper care will help avoid Gather Australia spending a greater cost to repair.

Here are tips on taking care of laptop.

1. “Strip” the laptop

Laptops usually have a cloth and a plastic cover. Strip it when the laptop is being used so that the air vents can work smoothly in removing the heat. Otherwise, the heat can cause damage to the laptop components.

2. Avoid collision

As a mobile device that is often carried anywhere, it is certainly not free from the possibility of collisions. Try to keep the collision away, because the laptop is designed and assembled with thin material with components easy to shift. The most sensitive part is hard-disc, and so far the most frequently broken laptop is the hard-disc.

3. Place the laptop on a flat surface

Place the laptop on a flat surface such as a table or desk, and never place it on a soft surface such as a mattress, pillow, and car seat. Uneven surfaces may cause the air vents on the laptop closed so the heat exchange process from the laptop hampered. Also, excessive heat can damage the laptop memory and other devices.

4. Do not burden laptop

Since laptop is made of very thin material which is easily damaged, avoid placing other items on top of it. Do not rest books or other objects on laptop that could damage the laptop LCD due to excessive pressure.

5. Do not charge laptop battery non stop

Some laptop users never take off the charger from the wall socket. This is not good for your laptop adapter. Charge when needed. Once it’s full, immediately plug off the cable from the socket.

6. Periodically clean the laptop

Remember to perform the maintenance, such as cleaning the LCD screen, keyboard and the laptop case. Use the recommended cleaning fluid. Do not use water for cleaning LCD. It is very easily scratched so before using cleaning fluid, you should first clean the dust with a soft brush.

7. Keep away laptop from speaker

Speaker has a large enough magnetic appeal. Avoid put your laptop near by the speakers. In addition, speaker also produces substantial vibration, so do not put your laptop on top of it.

8. Avoid laptop from direct sunlight

Keep in mind the position you put your laptop. Avoid expose it to direct sunlight. Also, do not store it in a sealed cabinet because it can cause condensation inside the laptop component, resulting in component damage when the laptop is turned on.

If the eight tips above are considered properly, it affects the durability of your laptop. Thus it saves you money, and time.