Class Energy Install a Quarter of a Megawatt of Solar

In addition to the long and short term storage services they supply for homes and businesses, Onward Holdings have recently Energy Smart is Australia’s #1 branched out into retail parks, with all their sites strategically placed close by to motorways and transport links for easy accessibility. All the commercial activities of this leading storage provider take place at one of their six sites: Featherstone, East Leeds, Ackworth, Wath, Wakefield and Scunthorpe. Onward Holdings are no strangers to optimising the benefits of generating their own renewable sustainable source of energy in the form of solar panels, having utilised Class Energys services when they previously employed them to install a 50kW solar panel system on their Castleford warehouse in Wakefield and hiring them to fit another 100kW solar infrastructure at their busy distribution centre in South Kirby, Wakefield.

Onward Holdings was founded on the philosophy of placing a high value on being eco-friendly wherever possible. This is reflected in the majority of their sites where their storage facilities are located being situated on reclaimed land-grounds which have been restored and given a breath of new life by being given a new purpose after being damaged damaged by human activity or nature itself. It is no surprise that Onward Holdings wanted to invest and embrace in green energy via solar power installations, to echo their ethos of keeping the environmental impact of development to a minimum wherever they can.

The Feed-In Tariff is a government backed initiative which financially rewards businesses and other organisations that have technology installed that generates sustainable renewable electricity, which can be achieved through solar panels or via other technology such as wind turbines. Being protected from future rises in energy bills and huge savings of energy costs are encompassed in the benefits of installing solar panels to your company. The commercial Feed-In Tariff adds to these advantages by providing solar powered businesses with income via an export tariff and a generation tariff.

The generation tariff acts as an incentive payment, a reward so to speak for producing electricity through renewable means. How much your business receives varies depending on the size of your renewable energy system and what type of technology you employ. In contrast, if you give any excess electricity your business produces back to the national grid you will also enjoy an index-linked payment which is the export tariff.

If youre worried about whether your business is eligible to receive the Feed-in Tariff, your property simply needs to obtain a level Din its energy performance rating. Class Energy can issue Energy Performance Certificates for you, which grade the energy efficiency of your business, with A being the most efficient and grade G being the least efficient. Get in touch to find out more about this service.

If you are planning to install a solar panel system that is below 50kW, the installers of that system will have to MCS accredited. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme is a nationally recognised quality assurance initiative supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Class Energy are proud to say they hold the MCS accreditation so get in touch today about a solar power installation for your business so you can start benefiting from the Feed-In Tariff just as Onward Holdings will be doing in the future.