How Consumers Can Find the Most Affordable Towing Service in Orlando

While there are plenty of towing services within Orlando and the surrounding areas, not all of them are going to be affordably priced. The cheapest ones may not offer quality services, but consumers should be looking for towing companies that are going to save them money and not overcharge them for their services.

In order to do this, they need to start by acquiring some quotes. They can contact any towing service they are interested in and get some free quotes. Every service should be willing to offer a quote over the phone. Now, while the quote may not be completely accurate, as rates can vary based on the situation, the distance travelled and what services are required, the base rate quoted can be an excellent indicator of how one towing service stacks up against another as far as pricing is concerned.

Consumers also need to take into account the reputation of the towing company they are considering. To get an idea of what services are offered and how the company perceives themselves, they can visit home sites like Read More. But they will get further information if they read more about the company outside their website and focus on finding customer reviews for that service.

The more reviews they find and examine, the better they will be able to compare different towing services and be able to determine if their affordable prices are a reflection of their service in any way. Great prices don’t mean the service is awful, and consumers need to be taking customer reviews into consideration as they choose a towing service.

They should spend some time and read more about what the towing service has to offer as well. They can benefit from exhaustive services and a fully featured towing service. Some towing companies in Orlando only offer the very basic towing services, while others do so much more, and consumers never know when or for what reason they will need the towing company, so they need to choose one that can help them out in a variety of ways.

The affordable prices of a given towing service also don’t mean much if the company is not there to help out the consumer when they need it. Consumers should factor in the service times the company, such as whether they operate 24/7 and how quickly they are known to respond. That can help them determine if they will be getting good value for their money with that particular service.

Why Parents Shouldnt Bother to Dress Up Newborns When Going Out

When parents prepare to take their little baby out, they often have visions of dressing them up in cute outfits and having all the strangers they pass by ooh and ahh over the baby. It’s human nature to want to show off one’s child, but it may not be practical to go through all the fuss and trouble of dressing up a newborn.
Onesies-Neutral_bodysuitsThat’s primarily because newborns need to be wrapped up when they are out and about. Even going through a shopping mall or retail store is going to be cold enough to warrant a blanket for a newborn. New babies need to be kept warm as often as possible- not so warm that they become sleepy all the time, but warm enough that they don’t catch a cold.
This often means that they need to be wrapped in a light blanket, and once they are covered dup like that, their cute outfit isn’t going to do anybody much good. All that dressing up will be for nothing, if the baby is covered up in blanket, and that’s why parents probably don’t want to bother going through all the hassle of picking out fancy outfits for their newborn.
Simple onesies for babies are just fine, as they provide a comfortable covering that keeps baby warm and doesn’t require much work at all to put on. In fact, those are really best clothes for the first few months of the baby’s life, as they allow for easy access to change diapers and don’t require the baby to contort and shift around a lot during dressing time.
Newborns are notoriously hard to work with when dressing them up, and most parents are going to want to give up on the fancy outfits quickly when they see how much work they are and how unnecessary they can be.
There are all sorts of options for great onesies for the baby at sites like onesies for babies, and parents who want to skip all the trial and error and just go on to easy baby changing should start online and compare their options there. They have ton of choices and should be able to find decent prices on the clothes that will work well for their baby. There is no need to spend a lot on an outfit that most people who see the baby won’t be able to appreciate anyway.

Need To Choose The Best VA Lender in Austin To Do Business With – Read These Tips

Real-Estate-Agent-for-a-VA-LoanWhen it involves business, price can often be related to quality. It’s never a smart idea to make decisions based only on price. If you choose the cheapest VA mortgage broker, your project may fail, or you may end up spending more money to fix any cut corners or incompetent service. We’ve put together some general strategies designed to help you determine which kind of VA mortgage lender will best meet your needs.

Companies with a strong customer base will perform even during difficult times. This is why most businesses stress the impact of great customer service. Lasting customer relationships develop over time, through reliably outstanding customer service.

Look for a service provider with flexible work hours that should accommodate your schedule. Any VA mortgage broker near 78752 that truly wants your business should be willing to adapt to your scheduling needs. The hallmark of an outstanding service provider is possibly the willingness to do whatever it will take to ensure customer satisfaction.

Managing customer relationships is a lot more difficult than it sounds, and doing it well requires great attention to detail. Do not underestimate the impact that economic and technological change can have on customer requirements and expectations. Businesses that are satisfied with the status quo and oblivious to changes in the external environment don’t prosper in the long haul.

The web makes it easy to identify businesses that may have the opportunity to meet your needs. To select the VA mortgage broker best able to satisfy your needs and expectations, you need to really know what your options are and what each service provider can do for you. These kinds of info can help you make a far more informed choice.

Don’t sign any agreement with a service provider until you’re certain that the VA mortgage broker conducts its business with integrity. Integrity in a business means that you won’t get overcharged and will always receive quality work. Such companies will quickly rectify any mistakes they make in order to preserve their reputations.

Although an ongoing project can disrupt your life considerably, you won’t feel stressed out by the chaos if you understand that the VA mortgage broker doing the job is dependable and reputable. Conversely, a VA mortgage lender known for cutting corners and producing shoddy work will cause you constant stress. Simply put, working with an untrustworthy VA mortgage company is not worth the small amount of money you’ll save. One of the best ways to find out about a VA mortgage lender’s reliability is to contact the list of references it provides.

The very first place many people look when looking for a service provider is Facebook or LinkedIn. Check out what potential service providers post on their Facebook page for the benefit of their customers and prospective customers. You should avoid companies with a bunch of negative comments on Facebook. Selecting the wrong VA mortgage broker will cost you time and money.

Respiration Character in Your Workplace

Gone are the times when workplaces needed just one section. You ’re likely to get professionals on multiple floors with various sections across each one. Visit today.

Each function also requires atmosphere different support and methods to liaise with one another as a way to satisfy their tasks for the day. A fluid design with clear signposts, thus, is a suitable method to respire personality into your workspace, while simultaneously supporting your staff.

By distinguishing departments through smart layout, you’ll alongside inspiring your staff, be able to describe the brand image that you aspire for.

Therefore, if you’re contemplating an office fit out below are some methods you’re able to develop a workplace that adds each place and character successfully!

Having a set color scheme is an effective solution integrate it in your workplace and to transcend your company’s colors past branding and the logo. Nevertheless, this can also go one of two ways; a normal setting can be created by it if your chosen colors clash, or it could become overwhelming.

By choosing for just one palette for each area instead, create distinct zones within your office. This certainly will signpost different places for visitors and clients and allows you the flexibility to make individual identities for each department.

Depict Your Business Ethos

Colors, furniture, and soft furnishings are fantastic strategies to portray the brand image you want to get across. We looked at means that London’s most famous offices use their name as a method and there’s no motive your workplace needs to be any different.

Consider the pictures on your walls, the color of your furniture, the layout of your office, and discover how you can make it you ’. Coca-Cola, for example, uses their bottles that are recycled due to their lighting.

Think Outside of the Box

When in fact, offices should be more flexible than that it’s simple to get into the mindset of thinking about individual rooms; they should mold themselves around you not the other way around.

Our creative masterminds will likely be able to work together with you to craft the perfect office in the event you know that you would like an advanced space, but can’t appear to consider the details that bring it all together.

Food Allergies and the Kids

A cat will wish its own special food bowl. One method to distinguish that cats bowl it really is is possibly by having a different colored bowl for each one of the cats. The water bowl plus the food dish that you use to serve up the cats food must be acceptable to him or else a cat could decide not to feed there. Also, it really is significant that the bowls you use never scratch easily. There are several modafinil buy cheap feeding bowls which may dent conveniently if a cat scratches it hard enough plus these small gashes will attract bacteria plus food particles, that could make a cat sick. This signifies that the best investment will be significant impact plastic meals.

The restaurant looked like an upscale London pub. There was stunning lumber, brick plus brass adorning the bar plus restaurant location. There was a lively crowd inside the destination which was good to find. We went about 5:30 on a Friday night plus British Food it turns out you moved right into happy.

By nature, dogs are omnivores. As many pet owners have witnessed, frequently to their chagrin, dogs eat anything. Utilize this to a advantage by including certain vitamin-packed greens inside your recipe. Though it can be difficult to believe, several dogs are crazy about nourishing plant foods like sweet potatoes. Broccoli and green beans, too, really cooked enough to be palatable, are surprising favorites. Add a finely chopped vegetable to your homemade dog food to supply the vitamins that a pet, were he in the wild, would gather from plants or berries.

In a French bar, four men inside functioning clothing were discussing a recipe inside the neighborhood paper, each telling the others how he prepared the dish plus why his variation was greater than the 1 inside the paper. The same scene would not ever arise inside an English bar. In a French marketplace, you may be just as probably to find men buying for vegetables plus provide, as you’re to find women, and French males understand what to take into account, whenever getting veggies or provide.

Lower the Sodium, and Lessen the Risk of Stroke plus Heart Problems Too much salt, or sodium, increases the chance of hypertension, heart condition, heart attacks and strokes.

Indian recipes is more regarding taste plus vegetarian taste. Seasoning and tempering is an important need in all parts of India. India is well-known for its versatile variety in dishes plus owing to urban residency there’s a easy transition of adopting cooking trends. Foods are usually of fine nature in any piece of India. Usually the culinary styles are associated to the local provide.

SeaFoodreduces the dangers of cancer – It has been said that persons whom regularly eat seafood have low risks of getting cancer of the throat, mouth, stomach, lung, pancreas, colon, etc.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Computer Function Properly

Laptop is one of the portable computer devices that are easy and practical to carry anywhere. However, it is also sensitive. Thus it needs special attention and care. Since it’s somewhat more expensive than the desktop PC, proper care will help avoid Gather Australia spending a greater cost to repair.

Here are tips on taking care of laptop.

1. “Strip” the laptop

Laptops usually have a cloth and a plastic cover. Strip it when the laptop is being used so that the air vents can work smoothly in removing the heat. Otherwise, the heat can cause damage to the laptop components.

2. Avoid collision

As a mobile device that is often carried anywhere, it is certainly not free from the possibility of collisions. Try to keep the collision away, because the laptop is designed and assembled with thin material with components easy to shift. The most sensitive part is hard-disc, and so far the most frequently broken laptop is the hard-disc.

3. Place the laptop on a flat surface

Place the laptop on a flat surface such as a table or desk, and never place it on a soft surface such as a mattress, pillow, and car seat. Uneven surfaces may cause the air vents on the laptop closed so the heat exchange process from the laptop hampered. Also, excessive heat can damage the laptop memory and other devices.

4. Do not burden laptop

Since laptop is made of very thin material which is easily damaged, avoid placing other items on top of it. Do not rest books or other objects on laptop that could damage the laptop LCD due to excessive pressure.

5. Do not charge laptop battery non stop

Some laptop users never take off the charger from the wall socket. This is not good for your laptop adapter. Charge when needed. Once it’s full, immediately plug off the cable from the socket.

6. Periodically clean the laptop

Remember to perform the maintenance, such as cleaning the LCD screen, keyboard and the laptop case. Use the recommended cleaning fluid. Do not use water for cleaning LCD. It is very easily scratched so before using cleaning fluid, you should first clean the dust with a soft brush.

7. Keep away laptop from speaker

Speaker has a large enough magnetic appeal. Avoid put your laptop near by the speakers. In addition, speaker also produces substantial vibration, so do not put your laptop on top of it.

8. Avoid laptop from direct sunlight

Keep in mind the position you put your laptop. Avoid expose it to direct sunlight. Also, do not store it in a sealed cabinet because it can cause condensation inside the laptop component, resulting in component damage when the laptop is turned on.

If the eight tips above are considered properly, it affects the durability of your laptop. Thus it saves you money, and time.

Obtaining the Most from a Side Return Extension

Extensions that push out to the route that runs to the right or left side of the house, side returns, can be an efficient manner of incorporating space, regularly as well as joining it with the eating and sitting rooms.

Reliable, as attractive and well built as they have been, many of our timeless Edwardian and Georgian, Victorian homes are out of step with contemporary life home renovations melbourne. The way individuals want to dwell now is completely different in the way folks tended to live 150 years ago when many of these houses were constructed,’ states Port Hosea of Three-Fold Architects. Now households often need expansion thoughts having an adaptable and large kitchen/eating/living area that could be the hub of family residences, ideally using a powerful visual and physical connection to the garden. Most inexpensive interval buildings don’t have room to accommodate this without extending. People so are often oblivious of building prices and also the charges which can be linked with those costs, and who are having work done on their houses are new customers.

Hosea states that many of the span properties mentioned above are appropriate for this particular kind of side return expansion, though homes with significant degree adjustments between internal and outside spaces or the entrance and rear of the house may make creating the development, and plan the circulation and flow of the room, more involved. However, in the control of a great designer, ‘this even utilized to edge for effect’ that is sensational and can be effectively tackled, he says. The next door home tints side returns, s O Hosea, states it’s significant to bring in daylight light as you possibly can. Rooflights and hard roofs are remedies that are popular and productive.

Creating A-side return expansion will normally be less expensive than digging beneath the house to produce a brand new basement, and there’s frequently no dependence on organizing authorization, but Hosea says that clients do have to prepare themselves for significant disruption for their living space. As many of these projects we’ve completed involve restoration and the reconfiguration of the entire ground floor of your house, the works could be disruptive as well as the extension will change utilization and the program of the existing ground-floor areas. To get the many from a side get back extension Coffey of Coffey Architects proposes hiring a sound designer with experience of this sort of project. People so are unaware of construction the fees which can be associated with these prices as well as prices, and who are having work done on their houses are unskilled clients.

The designer that is right can also make you space you’ll need to to stay instead than merely one that seems good from your exterior. I’m perhaps not counseling you do such a thing horrible, but when you’re doing restoration and plug-ins, it’s mainly concerning the interior room and the way you’re planning to enjoy it rather than all- singing all-dance external sights. Coffey says that some clients are enthusiastic to join the eating room (usually at the heart of the plan) to the space at the very front of the home, although he says, in his expertise, it’s more successful to join the kitchen (that is generally at the rear of the residence) with the eating area. That way the kitchen becomes the center of the scheme. Then the client may select if they are interested in having the kitchen in the plan’s middle or at the back. Coffey says the expansion should feel just like a very natural portion of the home, rather than something that. Is help it becomes O that where we’ve done aside reunite when you walk right into a home, you won’t recognise it as a side reunite. You shouldn’t easily be able to inform the brand new touch from the outdated if it well then. Like it’s always been like that it will feel.

Class Energy Install a Quarter of a Megawatt of Solar

In addition to the long and short term storage services they supply for homes and businesses, Onward Holdings have recently Energy Smart is Australia’s #1 branched out into retail parks, with all their sites strategically placed close by to motorways and transport links for easy accessibility. All the commercial activities of this leading storage provider take place at one of their six sites: Featherstone, East Leeds, Ackworth, Wath, Wakefield and Scunthorpe. Onward Holdings are no strangers to optimising the benefits of generating their own renewable sustainable source of energy in the form of solar panels, having utilised Class Energys services when they previously employed them to install a 50kW solar panel system on their Castleford warehouse in Wakefield and hiring them to fit another 100kW solar infrastructure at their busy distribution centre in South Kirby, Wakefield.

Onward Holdings was founded on the philosophy of placing a high value on being eco-friendly wherever possible. This is reflected in the majority of their sites where their storage facilities are located being situated on reclaimed land-grounds which have been restored and given a breath of new life by being given a new purpose after being damaged damaged by human activity or nature itself. It is no surprise that Onward Holdings wanted to invest and embrace in green energy via solar power installations, to echo their ethos of keeping the environmental impact of development to a minimum wherever they can.

The Feed-In Tariff is a government backed initiative which financially rewards businesses and other organisations that have technology installed that generates sustainable renewable electricity, which can be achieved through solar panels or via other technology such as wind turbines. Being protected from future rises in energy bills and huge savings of energy costs are encompassed in the benefits of installing solar panels to your company. The commercial Feed-In Tariff adds to these advantages by providing solar powered businesses with income via an export tariff and a generation tariff.

The generation tariff acts as an incentive payment, a reward so to speak for producing electricity through renewable means. How much your business receives varies depending on the size of your renewable energy system and what type of technology you employ. In contrast, if you give any excess electricity your business produces back to the national grid you will also enjoy an index-linked payment which is the export tariff.

If youre worried about whether your business is eligible to receive the Feed-in Tariff, your property simply needs to obtain a level Din its energy performance rating. Class Energy can issue Energy Performance Certificates for you, which grade the energy efficiency of your business, with A being the most efficient and grade G being the least efficient. Get in touch to find out more about this service.

If you are planning to install a solar panel system that is below 50kW, the installers of that system will have to MCS accredited. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme is a nationally recognised quality assurance initiative supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Class Energy are proud to say they hold the MCS accreditation so get in touch today about a solar power installation for your business so you can start benefiting from the Feed-In Tariff just as Onward Holdings will be doing in the future.

Where To Shop For The Very Best And Most Unique Black Kitchen Island Suited For Your Kitchen

If you end up sick and tired of the same old look, and all you want to do is make a handful of enhancements here and there, you’ll see that it’s nearly impossible to find black kitchen island for your Kitchen that is timeless and durable enough to withstand water damage carpet Brisbane the wear and tear of everyday life, whilst still brightening up and reviving your space. Have a look at our internet site, Greentea boasts pieces that will be all of that and much more. Your Kitchen will forever look stylish when using black kitchen island from the Greentea collection. It’s very easy and comfortable to surf online for the ideal black kitchen island you’ve been hunting for.

Before starting fixing up your Kitchen, browsing, work out which pieces you are going to be keeping to complement with the new pieces, which ones will be getting a face-lift and which of them you’ll just toss out. Those that stay don’t necessarily ought to be placed into the exact same spot as you had these in earlier. Browse the measurements of the black kitchen island on the web, and work out a minimum of three various set-ups to your Kitchen.

If you want to keep it simple, take into account that less is more in terms of designing your Kitchen. As long as you have ample tasteful storage to keep all of the loose ends concealed, you may want to pick out some premium quality pieces from Greentea and allowed them to work their magic.

Look into Greentea’s online site and do your entire room shopping there, it’s simple and safe to shop online, all whilst knowing you will get a quality piece of furniture delivered to your front step. When you make an online purchase, not only do you get great prices, you may also subscribe for newsletters that may let you know all of the cool new stuff happening at Greentea.

Making your place appear and feel different isn’t hard any time you buy new furniture. The black kitchen islands Greentea carries are extremely unique, which makes them exclusive to Greentea. You are sure to stand out from the crowd whenever you buy black kitchen island from Greentea, while by no means compromising design and style or comfort. Our black kitchen island works well when combined with any type of setting, black kitchen island from Greentea is great to spice up any room.

Chest Building Basics

Ever wonder why most people, whether they are a beginner or an experienced body builder, start their fitnessprogram with a good chest workout?

Maybe it’s the feeling of blood engorging the chest that makes it feel so good. Or perhaps it’s the fact that no other body part gets a better pump than that of the pectoral muscles. Regardless of what the reasons may be, if the chest is worked hard enough and worked right, there is no greater feeling than that moment when the chest is so full and tight that it feels as if it is about to burst.

We all agree that a strong and muscular chest is a prominent part of one’s appearance. So much of our physical presence has a lot to do with how we see ourselves and how others perceive us. If we look at our favorite superheroes or mythological characters, we find that a strong and chiseled chest is a representation of power and heroism – and who would not want to look and feel heroic! Furthermore, a well-defined chest accentuates confidence, competence, and a strong presence – a message that we want to send to everyone we encounter. A powerful chest is something that everyone recognizes. Someone with a powerful chest is often viewed as someone to be reckoned with.

Sculpting a muscular chest applies not only to men but to women as well. The pectoral muscles are related to all major muscle groups in the upper body including the abdominal, shoulders and back muscles. A toned and well-worked chest aids in good posture while the muscles work to lift and sculpt a woman’s breasts. It is important to keep in mind that lifting weights does not by any means transform a woman’s physique like that of a man’s. Different goals require different actions. While a man’s goal would be to have a muscular and heroic physique, a woman’s goal may be more along the lines of being toned. The term “feminine masculinity” – a hard body while maintaining the curves of a feminine body – is commonly used.

To achieve a strong and muscular chest, the following exercises were put together as part of a routine that will be the basis for developing a sculpted and toned chest. For those whose goal is to add more size and strength, concentrate of performing low repetition with heavy weights with the proper form. For those for those whose goal is to be lean and toned, focus the concentration on high repetition and low weights with the proper form.

• Dip (Assisted / Unassisted)
• Flat Barbell / Dumbbell Bench Press
• Incline Barbell / Dumbbell Press
• Flat Dumbbell Flyes

After you completed you stretches and have warned-up for 5-10 minutes on the bike or stair-master, a good way to loosen the chest muscles is to perform 3 sets of dips.
Make sure to keep your elbows pointed out during this exercise. Keeping the elbows pointed out isolates the chest muscles and only a small bit of the triceps are used.
Perform the dip in a slow controlled fashion. If possible, go slow as you can on the way down (inhale) and as slow as you can to rise up (exhale). Perform about 3-4 sets, with at least 8-12 reps with a two-minute break between each set. If you’ve never done dips before you’ll be surprise at how effective this exercise is and how sore you’ll be the following day. You’ll wake up the next morning saying, “What the @#$%^&#* did I do to myself?”

After you finish with the dips, take a few minutes to stretch and then be ready to step it up a notch and hit the free weights starting with the barbell bench press.

Bench Press
When people think of chest exercise, people think of only one thing, the bench press. The bench press remains the most popular choice of building a muscular and chiseled chest as it not only shapes your chest but also adds density to the shoulders and triceps. So to get most out of this exercise, be sure to pay attention to proper form.

Starting Position
Lie on a bench with both feet firmly grounded on the floor, about shoulder width apart. Keep your hips on the bench with your back slowly arch. Since you will be concentrating on the chest, it is best to use a shoulder width grip. The narrower the grip the more you’ll be working on your triceps and anterior deltoids (front shoulders). If you are using a high amount of weights, ask for someone to spot you – remember you are not there to give your ego a boost but to develop your chest. On the lift, hold the barbell with your elbows locked out, over the middle of your chest.

The exercise
Start by lowering the weight slowly to the middle of your chest or until your upper arms are about parallel to the floor. When performing the pressing movements, complete the set in a slow controlled fashion taking about 3-5 seconds to lower the weight and about 2-3 to raise it. Do not bounce the weight off your chest as this can injure your sternum. Drive the weight back up to the starting position with your arms straight and elbows locked out and repeat.

Try to do three to four sets, where you can squeeze out 8-12 repetitions with good form while increasing the weight slightly in each successive set. Take about two to three minute rest in between set and stretch during the rest period to keep the muscles loose. Remember: do not sacrifice good form in place of doing more reps, as this can lead to serious injuries. If 8-12 reps is unattainable, either lower the weights or go to failure.

• Keep your hips on the floor
• Limit the arch on your back
• Do not lift your head – keep it still and on the bench
• Inhale on the way down – exhale on the way up
• Do not bounce the weight off your chest

Incline Dumbbell Press
Like the flat bench press, this exercise can also be performed with either a barbell or dumbbells. Whatever your preference, this is arguably the second most popular and one of the best exercises to target the upper chest area. The best thing about this exercise is that you may vary the incline angle so as to hit the muscles in varying degrees

Starting Position
Set the angle of the adjustable bench at about 25 – 30 degrees where you’ll get the most emphasis in developing your upper pectorals. Pick up a pair of manageable weights (lift them using you legs and not your back). Place the dumbbells on your thighs and “kick” them up one at a time. Lift the weights to about shoulder level with your upper arms parallel to the floor with your feet firmly planted on the floor and your spine and neck straight and abs tight.

The Exercise
Follow a triangular motion as you lift the weights. Your palms should be facing away from you at the start of the exercise and the weights should meet at the midline of your body above your shoulders and chest where your palms can then either face each other or keep facing away from you. Exhale when pushing the weights up and focus on the squeeze at the top. Inhale when bringing the weights down slowly to avoid possible injuries.

Try to do three to four sets of 8-12 repetitions in a slow and controlled manner. If possible increase the weight in each successive set and ask for a “spot” whenever performing this exercise with heavy weights. And as before, if 8-12 reps is either unattainable or easily achieve, go to failure using proper form.

• Keep your spine and neck straight and stable
• Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor
• Keep your hips on the bench with a slight arch on your back
• Do not go lower than when the dumbbells are about to hit your outer pecs. That will be a sign to drive the weights back up
• Use your legs and not your back when lifting the weights to start the exercise.

Dumbbell Flys
This is an excellent exercise for promoting a more rounder and fuller pecs. Unlike the bench press and incline press, you cannot use heavy weights when performing this exercise. Be sure to perform this exercise correctly.

Starting Position
Pick up a couple of manageable weights and place them on your thighs. Lie back and keep the dumbbells close to your chest. As usual, keep your feet firmly on the floor and your hips on the bench.

The Exercise
The first movement is to push the weight up using a pressing motion with your palms facing each other. With your elbows slightly bent, lower the weights slowly until you feel a stretch on your chest. Be careful not to use too much weight or go to low as you will tear your arms right out of your shoulders. Inhale and concentrate on lowering the weights in a slow and controlled manner. On the way up, exhale and again concentrate on a slow and controlled motion, imagine hugging a tree and once the weights meet at the top remember to squeeze.

As usual, try to do three to four sets of 8-12 reps using proper technique. For this exercise use weights that are fairly light.

• Keep your spine and neck straight and stable
• Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor
• Keep your hips on the bench with a slight arch on your back
• Keep the weights fairly light
• Imagine hugging a tree

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